Intimidating police cars

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You might think that driving a new SRT Viper or Ferrari 458 Italia makes you king of the road.

You feel empowered, intimidating - you know that few other cars out there look like yours, could beat you in a race to the next stoplight or could catch you if you robbed a bank. I'm behind the wheel of a 2013 Dodge Charger Pursuit: a Hemi-powered, rear-wheel-drive, black-and-white, honest-to-goodness cop car.

The Ford Crown Victoria is ubiquitous with police cars in the United States.

The temptation to push buttons is overwhelming, but my desire to not be charged with felony impersonation of a police officer continues to win out, thankfully.

She says vulnerable people may not feel comfortable approaching one of the vehicles, adding it could compromise levels of trust.

“The domination of black over the colours that we have had in the past or other bright colours that other jurisdictions have that aren’t aggressive,” says Garossino, in describing what she finds intimidating about the vehicles.

The interior carpet has been removed and combined with the low-profile light bar up top, push bar out front, LED spotlights in the A-pillars and a constant fan under the rear package shelf to cool the electronics controller in the trunk, the interior of the Charger is actually pretty noisy at speed.

Growing up, sometimes you got to be the Duke boys; sometimes you had to be Rosco. Coltrane of "The Dukes of Hazzard" if he had this to drive, however.

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