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This 90 days Italian | English Add1Challenge will keep you motivated, accountable and empower you to incorporate an Italian or English learning routine into your everyday life.

Not only that, since there will be Italians learning English in the same Add1Challenge together with you, this means you can practice speaking Italian with Italians (!

First, the temperature variable is in the denominator of certain problem solving processes, meaning that plugging in a value of 0°C would imply that you are dividing by zero.

Secondly, if you using a proportion and plug in a negative Celsius temperature into one ratio and a positive temperature into the other, you will end up with a negative propotion equalling a positive proportion.

🙂 You can now implement these hacks into your learning routine on your own.

Italy is a palette of colorful cultures, vibrant people, old traditions mixed with a modern society, all of which is not accessible without knowing the local language. Italian is one of the easiest languages to learn for English speakers! It's often said that music itself is an international language, but if ever there was a language of music it must surely be Italian.(We have been giving away a flight to one participant of every Add1Challenge since April 2015) We will be opening for application very soon so if you’d like to join the Add1Challenge to finally speak Italian with Italians in 90 days, you can join us here. When dealing with gases and the gas laws, you will need to solve for, or plug into an equation, values for many different quantities. When dealing with volume, it is good practice to make sure your values are always in liters (L).The most well-known of these is the word for ‘how much’ – in every other Arabic dialect it’s kam (). For Moroccan Arabic, I recommend Arabic Pod101 (video and podcast lessons that are mostly focused on the Moroccan dialect).So to ask a Moroccan how old they are, you’d say ‘sha7al fi 3omrak? We’re currently working with some Moroccans to expand our content for that dialect at Talk In as well. I'm an Applied Linguistics graduate, teacher and translator.

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