How to start dating a colleague

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Today new fields such as data mining and nanotechnology offer would-be inventors (or semi-intelligent software programs) massive amounts of “1 1 = 3” opportunities.As a result, the rate of innovation seems poised to increase dramatically in the coming decades.The survival value of such a model lies in the fact that it functions as a template against which to match new experiences, so as to rapidly identify anything anomalous that might be life-threatening.

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In fact, your employer has a legal obligation to keep you and other employees from being sexually harassed by members, and you’d be doing them a favor by letting them know what’s happening.With their feet thus firmly anchored, at the Battle of Hastings that year Norman knights hit opposing English foot soldiers with their lances and the full weight of the horse without being unseated by the shock of the encounter.The Normans won the battle and took over England (and made English the French-Saxon mix it is today). Gaslight distribution pipes gave Edison the idea for his electricity network. Above all, invention appears primarily to involve a “1 1 = 3” process similar to the brain’s model-building activity, in which concepts or techniques are brought together for the first time and the outcome is more than the sum of the parts (e.g., spray gasoline = carburetor).It is going to become harder than ever to keep up with the secondary results of invention as the general public gains access to information and technology denied them for millennia and as billions of brains, each with its own natural inventive capabilities, innovate faster than social institutions can adapt.In some cases, as occurred during the global financial crisis of 2008–09, institutions will face severe challenges from the introduction of technologies for which their old-fashioned infrastructures will be ill-prepared.

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