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Dirty talk is an essential part of any relationship if you want to keep the intimacy flame alive.

However, to avoid being misunderstood, it is important to use very graphic words so as to avoid ambiguity. You don’t have to use words that you are not comfortable with all in the name of talking dirty to your man.

And if they can't hold a full conversation using only meme, then they aren't worth my time.” Amen, sister!

Matt Milich, a senior at the University of Rhode Island, says emojis get him texting back.

“Wait a little while to answer when he texts you…You may even try ignoring him as a test to see if he'd send that double text through, but it depends how hard you want to play the ‘hard to get’ game.” How long are you willing to wait before you text back? Ashley Drayton, a graduate of Georgia State University, suggests sending pictures or memes to keep him on his toes.

This game may not be for everyone, but if he plays it, so should you. “I would say my experience with this would be if you're having an interesting or funny conversation and he's intrigued, you send him cute/random pictures (of yourself too) or memes, and flirting with him always works,” she says.

We’ve talked to collegiettes with experience to let you in on some texting tricks that will have him typing back in no time.

“It allows you to learn more about each other and heat things up a little bit, too.” If you hit a lull in the conversation, say something like, “Wanna play 20 questions? You’ll definitely lose track of how many you’ve asked, but asking things like, “What’s your favorite sex position? Sometimes, guys need you to make it extremely obvious that you’re interested in them. If it’s been a while and your guy hasn’t responded, text him again.While it is important to be sincere in whatever it is you are saying to your boyfriend, being a little mischievous is greatly encouraged.You will keep your man guessing on what to expect from the next …If it seems like he's answering very dryly to those then I would stop, but if he seems to be asking questions back and elaborating that's always a good sign.” Ask him what his plans are for the night or what he thinks of something going on—hopefully he’ll start firing questions back at you.It may bring you back to your sixth grade days, but playing a game over text can actually be a great way to get him responding and learn more about him.

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