How to deal with dating rejection

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But when you’re rejected, your sense of security is threatened. Depending on the form of rejection and its duration, you can feel anything from temporarily overwhelmed to constantly being at the mercy of low self-esteem.The hard reality is, unfortunately, that criticism and rejection are very much part of life.Or perhaps you’ve felt like your partner’s been changing lately. When you’re in the middle of such a confusing situation, it can be difficult to find the answers on your own.And there’s nothing more reassuring than some trustworthy advice from someone who’s not inside your own head!Very slowly, the periods that you feel a little better will become more frequent and last longer.After 4 - 6 weeks, you’ll be getting on with things again, and feeling like you’re beginning to recover.So, if you were rejected and you're feeling crappy - hurt, disappointed, perhaps angry and maybe even a failure - hang on in there.

You need to believe that you are worthy of love - and that’s a really difficult thing to achieve on your own. In that case, self-hypnosis can bring immediate relief.For further information on your particular situation, be sure to also follow the relevant link(s) for even more help: Either way, it’s going to hurt.If you’ve been feeling rejected for some time, you’ve probably been tying yourself in knots trying to figure out what’s gone wrong.Everyone experiences rejection and criticism - and normally more than just once!But the good news is that you get to decide how it makes you feel: will you let it beat you, or will you seize it as an opportunity to grow, develop and become mentally stronger? If you’ve felt badly let down in previous relationships - however old you were and for whatever reason - rejection may now ‘prove’ your belief in the fact that you’re not worthy of being loved and cherished.

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