Guy dating real pornstar

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There is nothing sexy about a porn set and there is definitely nothing sexy about porn sex.I mean, it’s hard to truly be turned on when a dude with a camera is hovering over your face with sweat dripping from his brow and the director is barking things like "10 seconds more then change position" or "open up for the camera I can’t see the dick." Such a turn on. If you want a girl that expects everything paid for and has a life that revolves entirely around you, and is home every night to greet you with a cooked meal when you get in, don’t date a porn star.Knowing that your partner’s work requires her to sleep with other people would drive many to insane jealousy, but for Reign it’s not a problem. The two of us have diverse sexual interests that somehow magically match up.“I have met many of the female and male performers that she has worked with. We have so much fun with each other, it's criminal," says Reign.If you are that dude SO completely in love with the idea of a nymphomaniac goddess that looks exactly like her Jules Jordan scene 24/7, and does the house work in Agent Provocateur, stop. The levels of understanding, patience, energy, and the complete lack of jealousy you need to possess to be with these creatures is colossal. For those of you brave enough to continue reading, here is the horrifying truth: We are normal girls! We don’t have orgies with the entire crew after our scenes, we don’t wear clear heels and fishnet dresses out to dinner.Being on set is like hanging out at any other photo or film shoot, except that everyone is totally immune to just how naked they are. Porn girls at the top of their game are some of the most hard working, business savvy, independent women I have ever seen. Yes, we portray the sexually confident, beautiful nymph queen on the screen, we wear outfits most women wouldn’t even dream of wearing, we put ourselves and our bodies on show for the entire world to see.

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Unfortunately, the fantasy may be a lot further away from reality then one might wish for. That being said, it takes a monumental human to be in a relationship with a porn star.They all want the same things, love, romance, kindness and respect.So many people overlook the fact that they are people and not objects," he says. Although the pair are in a polyamorous relationship, the connection between the two is just like any other couple."Dating a porn star is just like dating any other woman.

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