Google groups not updating usenet

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Collaborative inboxes are great for managing queries and feedback.Technical support or customer service teams can use collaborative inbox as a free tool to respond to questions.Google Groups needed an overhaul that would let it stay relevant against its own Google Communities and all-round integration with other Google products. I am happy to report that it looks fitter for the new age with the new collaborative features it has added.Is this the first time you are hearing about Google Groups?

You can also star your favorite discussion threads and access them quickly from the Starred section on the left.People who are part of this club can use all the facilities.When membership roles change, so does the access to the facilities.Once upon a time Google Groups was on the cutting edge of online social interactions. With an upgrade earlier this year, Google Groups has come out to create an identity of its own.It’s easier said than done because the age of Usenet and discussion boards seems to be drawing to a close.

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