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That can be harsh, swift and even cruel by western standards so please try to understand her culture and morals and you will be rewarded with a Thai wife of your dreams.

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Just because she has been married before is not an indicator that she will have any fewer morals than meeting her first husband.

She will want to commit to you but in doing so will want to be sure you are going to commit to her otherwise she may lose her status and respect from family and friends. Leave behind your thoughts of two consenting adults having sex.

Not all will agree and this is not rule or law but a guide that will not let you down in meeting any genuine Thai lady who wants to be a Thai Bide with a western gentleman. The more you show of understanding for that the more will be shown to you later.

You don't marry the family but when you marry and have a Thai wife you become part of her family. When relationships in the past have gone wrong the lady will return to the family for support. If she loses her family she loses everything and be on her own.

That's a breakdown of western values and not one shared in Thailand with respectable ladies of families.

Be gentle in your approach; smile a lot to make her feel at ease with you.

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