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If you can’t try new things outside of the bedroom, how can you expect to do something new in the bedroom? Most of you don’t have a lot of time, yet when you choose to go on a date to the movies where you don’t get to interact or show each other that you matter, you are not using it wisely. Yet, I see that using restaurants as the only way to go out on a date can become a very expensive foreplay that is not even good.

I tend to recommend couples to not have theater as their go-to date night idea. Have you ever had an experience when after a restaurant you felt so full and bloated that sex was the last thing on your mind.

We want to help you search for your significant[...] NZdating is about finding a potential partner online to start a serious relationship is way easier now than ever!

This page is dedicated to single Kiwis looking for a long-term and serious relationships in New Zealand.

It wasn’t until recently however, that a group of Italian and American scientists studied the effect on clams, and it turns out that it seems that the bivalves (the family of clams, mussels, scallops, etc) have high levels of amino acids which may have a direct impact on increasing the levels of sexual hormones.

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In addition, according to a study by the Harvard University School of Public health, orange and yellow foods (including sweet potatoes) better quality of sperm.

A refreshing recipe that goes along perfectly with a nice white wine.

In this video, I offer dating advice for couples to find easy and simple ways to reconnect and create quality time in order to ignite passion.

Our goal is to help single women and single men easily find love online!

Clams have been regarded as an aphrodisiac food in history.

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