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Still, Face Time delivered solid video connections, and the audio was the best of any app we tested for this roundup.There was almost no latency, and the sound quality was so clear we hardly ever missed a word.On the i Phone, you'll need to activate Face Time in the phone settings before making any video calls.You'll also want to remember to turn on Wi-Fi since Face Time doesn't work on AT&T or Verizon's 3G networks.Apple's solution to that admittedly small glitch adds a bit of cool to Face Time.Regardless of the device we used--an i Pad 2, i Phone 4, and a 13.3-inch Mac Book Air--Face Time offered some of the most dependable video quality we've seen.

That's because Face Time only works over Wi-Fi, which tends to be more stable for video connections than 3G data networks.You'll need the e-mail address associated with it to log into Face Time and make calls.After the first sign-in, users are prompted to enter their Apple ID and password.Calls made from the Mac Book Air to the i Phone 4 and the i Pad 2 video looked clean, but the edges were still fuzzy.The worst picture quality we noticed was while calling an i Pad 2 from an i Phone 4.

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