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Send in your event or ideas on what CMNM to plan, tell us about a CMNM event, or make suggestions or comments about events on the following form: CMNM Event Idea Form"You bet," said Eric, "this is going to be a blast." Eric had dared me the previous night to drive around town wearing nothing but a T-shirt.I had said he had to join me, so here we were ready to go.I drove slowly past with my dick now quite hard with the excitement.One of the guys must have spotted and nudged his mate who turned round looked in and smiled.

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Sure enough there were guys around our age everywhere, looking at cars, peering into cars and standing around in groups. They were all around our age, some looked as though they must just have passed their driving test yesterday.There were a few people around, from where they were standing we looked as though we were fully clothed.The danger was that a higher vehicle would drive alongside us, someone would look out of a building, or that someone would cross the road.Eric lifted my T-shirt, sliding his hand up my stomach and chest.I grabbed Eric's hard dick and started stroking, we lay down on the cool concrete. It was one of those deep shuddering ones that you get after real excitement.

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