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Any movement, no matter how small, is eventually felt by us all. You can’t ignore chance, but where does opportunity originate? Synchronicity springs from the deepest source of destiny. According to the laws of physics, energy and matter cannot be created or destroyed. All the information of the whole is in a single cell. Your brain won’t process information that it doesn’t expect to see. People and things just appeared at exactly the right moment? If you arrived a few seconds earlier, or later things wouldn’t have turned out the same. Synchronicity is seen more frequently by people who believe it to be true. Well, if you say an event was just chance or luck, you are sending a weak message or signal to the universe.

Were there not other intelligent young beautiful hopefuls? On the train, you meet a person you end up falling in love with and marrying. Who would you have married if you hadn’t have gone by rail?? So you have access to all the knowledge of the past, present, and future. Scientists can clone (duplicate) an organism using a single cell. If you don’t believe, then you can’t activate this extraordinary gift. Have you ever had a perfect day, when everything went perfectly? If you switch on the radio, you won’t hear anything clearly unless you tune into the right frequency. What you think is intuition is a strong signal from the universe.

Moreover, the Sermon on the Mount – supposedly the original monologue straight out of the mouth of the Son of God Himself – can be shown to be a series of Old Testament scriptures strung together, along with, apparently, such texts from Qumran.

No “historical” founder was necessary at all to speak these words, as they are a rehash of extant sayings.

One of the major influences on Christianity is that of Jews, obviously, including those mentioned in the New Testament, i.e., the Pharisees and Sadducees.

Ancient Jewish historian Josephus also mentions the sect of the Essenes, who are traditionally associated with Qumran, in a “by default” argument.

If so, then you have just taken a step into the fantastic world of Synchronicity. It’s straightforward, if something is possible, no matter how improbable, you can make it happen. With synchronicity, you don’t work hard to make things happen. Synchronicities flow very fast when you believe them to be true.

What happens in most people’s lives is beyond their control, think about it. Synchronicity is a mirror and whatever you believe will be reflected back to you.

In other words, certain ideas in the scrolls also appear in the New Testament, meaning, of course, that the impression of Christianity as a “divine revelation” appearing whole cloth miraculously from the very finger of God is clearly erroneous.However, scholar Solomon Schecter – who discovered a scroll at Cairo that was later found at Qumran – points to a heretical sect of Sadducees or origin of the DSS and this group’s obvious influence on the New Testament.What this rumination all means, of course, is that Christianity is, as I contend in my books, largely unoriginal, representing not fresh and new “divine revelation” but, again, the amalgamation of not only the ideas of the Zadokite authors of the Dead Sea Scrolls but also influences from the Essenes, Jews, Samaritans and many others. The scrolls’ so-called “Son of God” text reads much like the story of the Annunciation in the Gospel of Luke.The bottom line is that the existence of the Old Testament and the intertestamental literature such as the Dead Sea Scrolls shows how Christianity is a cut-and-paste job – a fact I also reveal in , in a chapter called “The Making of a Myth,” which contains a discussion of some of the texts obviously used in the creation of the new faith.Have you ever experienced a coincidence so incredible that it left you stunned? If you are not open to believing, something could be right in front of you and you still won’t see it.. Your mind does what you want, and the world listens. to read and share stories about synchronicity in relationships. You can have far more energy without using your will.

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