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The most popular were takenouchi-ryu, jikishin-ryu, kyushinryu, yoshin-ryu, mirua-ryu, sekiguchi-ryu, kito-ryu, and tenshin-shinyo-ryu; the last two were instrumental in Judo's development.It was during this time that Japanese politics disintegrated into disarray.

He sought to understand the superior control that his teachers had mastered.

Despite the ruling classes wanting to keep unarmed combat techniques secret, through commerce and migration, the martial arts spread from China throughout the east.

The earliest chronicle concerning the martial arts is the Nihon Shoki which discusses Japanese wrestling and dates back to 720 AD.

He saw that by combining the best techniques of various schools into one system he could create a physical education program that would embody mental and physical skill.

In addition, he believed that the techniques could be practiced as a competitive sport if the more dangerous techniques were omitted.

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