Devil dating

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It was meant to be dazzling, but it made the story seem superficial to me.

One of the downsides to the novel was the constant references to brand names and celebrity names.

After her long-time boyfriend dumps her, she moves into a small apartment with her two best girlfriends from college.

Nat is an independently wealthy, gorgeous model who has sex with a different guy every night.

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Mainly because she lives with two friends who seem to have no problem like that. Lewis is gorgeous, tall, HOT, kisses like no one, fucks even better, wealthy, lives in a big apartment, but it's not exactly the guy you'd like to introduce to your parents as your future husband ... And that up and down in my opinion about whether I was enjoying the book or not, I read whole book and thought the story was cute.

He meets her gaze through the crowd, a wicked grin on his lips, an irresistible invitation in his eyes. It seems that only Lucy, after be cheated on of the eternal boyfriend, can not find anyone. The reader follows Lucy and her two girlfriends in their outings in search of love or a one-night stand.

Sophisticated, wealthy, sexy, and completely devoted to her, body and soul. So you ve figured the whole thing out, he says ruefully. One is engaged but no hesitation in betraying the fiance when going to a club, the other does not want to compromise and go out every night with a different guy. Unfortunately, I have not been moved by the result.

I would have liked there to have been a little more character development with regards to Lucy's girlfriends in the book, and the sex scenes were a little rushed, but it kept my interest, and I would happily read an I liked this book, its not too heavy, but light and entertaining. With a few giggles and an original spin on the romance genre.

There are moments where Lucy dresses up in a 00 Dior dress, where people are allowed to sip champagne in the waiting room Rating: 2 out of 5. Lia has managed to create a likeable heroine in Lucy, and even though the hero is the Devil I though Lewis was great.

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