Dating someone who constantly cancels

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Or if you know that she is going to be home then call her last minute to come over and hang out. At any rate, she's probably just not very organized, but also not really appreciating/respecting you and her other friends. She always calls to make plans or to ask me to make plans for a group but then she cancels last minute bc she is too tired. She seems happy but she is a sensitive person...maybe I should be paying more attention for signs of depression instead of worrying about my plans being cancelled. It seems to me that she is not a very good ffriend if she continually cancels.Anything that is full proof or won't screw up your plans is best. I'd stop asking her to do things, or asking her to do things in groups so that if she doesn't show up, you can still go and have a good time. Appearently this so called friend likes to keep her calandar full and this way if nothing better comes along then she has you to fall back on.Don't go anywhere with her unless it is her house or your house. Is she really busy with work, or does she just not feel like it at the last minute?For instance, if you have plans to just stay home for the night then invite her over. The reason I ask is because in a book I am reading, that sounds like one of the signs of depression.

i am sure she will come, if she does intend to come in the first place. Maybe your advice to only call spur of the moment would work! She doesn't have that many friends so that would really suck!

So my personal advice will be to don"t give her so much importance as she doesnot deserve your friendship. I'm thinking she isn't as good as a friend as she thinks she might be. I understand unexpected circumstances, but at some point, priorities come into play.

I have had frienda cancel from time to time , but if I had a friend that canceled all the time i dont think i would keep asking her. I recommend not inviting her anywhere at all, until she invites you to do something twice, and both times she actually shows up. I used to have a friend like this and it drove me nuts.

Or in the case of the girls night out thing- you already had other friends invited so go and have fun without her. Have you tried confronting her about her repeated issue? I have alluded to it and made jokes, like when she calls me the day of I answer the phone with "You better not be calling to cancel! It would seem that something better keeps coming along.

Maybe she doesn't realize she is doing it so much or that it bothers you when she does it. If you really like her then keep her as a friend and maybe only make last minuate dates and not make any longrange plans with her.

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