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Bonus: At the Alberta-BC border, the train crosses the Continental Divide.Canada’s glitziest train ride is also one of its most cinematic, passing through splendid Banff and Lake Louise, along with jaw-dropping sights like Alberta’s Head-Smashed-In-Buffalo Jump, a World Heritage Site where indigenous people hunted ruminants by enticing them to leap off a cliff. At the end of the line, you can book a helicopter trip over the Rockies.The windows-only Dome Car on this nature-filled route offers 360-degree views of the regal Canadian Rockies.During the seven-hour train ride, you’ll also get an ocean’s worth of lakes, including beautiful Yellowhead, Lucerne, and Moose. The train heads to coastal Prince Rupert the next morning, where whale-watching and grizzly-bear-viewing are highlights.Climbing north into remotest Quebec and east into New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, this aptly-named, 836-mile trip lets the wide-open spaces and clear-blue waters unfold like aqua-tinted postcards.Bonus: The Ocean is the oldest continuously running “named” passenger train in North America, rolling along since 1904.But it’s hard to pick a highlight when your trip spans sights like British Columbia’s astonishing Hell’s Gate—twice the width of Niagara Falls—and Moose Lake, home to plenty of its namesake.

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Area residents have long complained about gravel truck traffic and noise from the pit, though monitoring showed the pit wasn’t exceeding noise standards.

Bonus: Beavers, that most Canadian of critters, traipse through here frequently.

The Canadian Rockies’ tallest peak, majestic Mount Robson, is the star of this ten-day journey from Vancouver to Calgary.

High dust levels kicked up by a provincial gravel pit in the city’s northwest pose no health risks, say provincial officials.

But those assurances haven’t quelled concerns among some residents who live near the Stoney Trail Aggregate Resource mine, where some particulate were nearly seven times the acceptable Alberta air quality levels last month.

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