Dating site video gets weird

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There are websites where you can get valuable information about many things and tons of knowledge coated with humor and entertainment such as List25.But of course there are many other sites that hide a darker and sometimes even sinister side.This is the type of site that any student who’s looking for a good excuse not to go to college should visit.

Not a bad site overall, just a little too alternative.

Some people like planes and some people just like watching other people.

Well, we got good news for both types of people since there’s a supremely weird site that allows you to “spy” on every single plane flying right now in any part of the world.

However, the owner of this site has taken the whole thing to another level, to the point that we believe even if there was the equivalent of Al Sharpton in the gay community he would absolutely disagree with the purpose of this site.

See, the theme of this site is to record on a daily basis every single homophobic thing that is said on Twitter and we can’t help but wonder: Is all this mess really necessary?

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