Dating scams from uk

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I was particularly impressed with the professionalism in which the agents carried out the surveillance, reported their findings and attended at the subsequent disciplinary hearings.I would consider that without the professional advice and support from Insight Investigations and your agents it is doubtful that we would have achieved such a successful outcome Thanks to Insight we have been able to eradicate our internal theft losses.

Insight have taken on many such cases and, on occasions, have been able to reunite the client with some or all of their money.

If you are in any doubt then call Insight Investigations free where we can discuss your particular circumstances in the strictest confidence, our private investigators are highly experienced in dealing with internet dating scams and can advise on how to avoid internet dating scams.

"We have used Insight Investigations to assist with an internal problem.

Once the target is ‘hooked’ there will begin a pattern of requests for cash amounts usually increasing until they have emptied the targets bank account, drained them of their savings, or they have been ‘found out’.

Once this happens they will fade away never to be heard from again.

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