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You might find that, if you have been editing while the export has been running, that the way may be in there but the nodes are not. (Internet Archive, available under various items: you will lose time browsing every icon to find what you are looking for!These have been produced with Osmosis and can be used to reconstruct the full dataset (see examples at OSM Wiki pages Osmosis and osmupdate).Since these only contain the differences, they are much smaller files; A daily diff is generally about 40 MB compressed.Some mirrors also support peer-to-peer delivery with Bit Torrent protocol. Use it to check your downloads (especially when using FTP: using RSYNC or Torrent will generaly avoid download issues such as truncated files) !You should first check for the existence of the .md5 file before trying to download actual data (which may sometimes be in a transient state while a mirror is being synchronized with a recent dump).

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