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For example, if you change the Speed Measurement setting to kilobits, all reports you view will display statistics using kilobits instead of the default.We use Geo IP data to identify your location based on your IP address. By refining your location we reach out to other sources which can be much more accurate.m c °p ies Sold Ever y Week FREE NQVEL National Library of Australia Tfcrt Amtrolion Women's Wt»e«;ly September 2, 1»9 I§ It that **g#ts" you In These Voices? every beautifying face powder ingredient in ERASMIC Try diia truly hr*u(rfyin|( pmvdrr — Ernimtc 1 It h»* every k Imtiout- ,-. Erasmic hoi (jlnnnrd many a fascinating actress, many ■ tided Knghah br-miry — rati Kntvnic will uivr \rnir nkin that uimr un. A vibrant, forceful voice can do arnaidn; things t O a CTutfd The wortls may mean nothing, may not even be understood. Thrjuaand A nock to hear her at her ' temple" hi Loft Angeles, and ahe has fol- lowers all over the world It's her voice Lhat works the spell A great singer's voice H&r, magic, loo. Her voice is like a delicately -tuned instrument, but It has the same trr- menrioufi power over those who htiar It. Lotte Lehmann —all have the same rnagic, but In the case at singer A it ts Ufclir Uly a deliberately cultivated magic. True educatlnn, tn my mind, a C Jti MC, should not wach ono to be arroennt and orwllnatc. for nt dawn there would bo on* mias- Fur a long dine utter the return ol thti L patrol with ite tale of insult, the amp seethed like a nesi al nnuxy hees. patronising his tend that great American Lourif.f tnstltutlon, the auto court, whore rootcinats. ycu «1L1 say thank- fully, last, of the Oliver Hardy- Hni Ty Lan«don trtitnlny. not altogether the tnult of the b VO cumt'd Lans that this comedy 1b so dull They dnn't Ret much appor- Uintty. Lnnpdon doesn't appear very much on the ecrern at all. / /OW does Adolf Hitler manage to produce y V those frenzied cheers when he addresses a crowd of Germans? Women as well as men have swnytui m JUkm B, and are sffll doing it by the power of their voices. lie never would fine noticed her hut for her hraury . flow M -like Xn wonder ■m u".\ welcomed thii |melv gul — •.'uuied her beauty aecrel— •Erranic Face Powder. (arrmuj, before moat present-day powder* we rc known . ■nil t» ronmnriy 1k«»k improved and pcrlrcird by the world ll greui Mi coooicucuiru. AT ALL CHEMISTS \N1 STOBfil felt that ahe was speaking Cor aa welt as to Lhr Enap Lrr. il Mhrrlfl - TKU; KMTATION UHATore the main oharuotcrlatlca ol k wpll-wlupntoc. I have mrt pwp Jt' who opunly bra^ af their krood educntian r yet they an* do^matlir and rudo to any *ho cluler from them. X wonder why these men don't realise that they ore ahuttln? And he'd advised them to go back and have ■ rifle hupecbo D. who hac triumfcrred It; ivfff^tto Qa from It* trainer. Wind/ In order to avnid vrowdii and pub- licity the t*o shunned well-known hotel* and reaorui on their trip. In auperbly-Qct-.'d poignant tragedy Century, flth * * naodbye Mr. Lei's Talk Of People Target for "archies" y"ERY much in tht mod. known millionaire batik.- flies nightly over London as range-ending target for the anu aitenft baturici. who is onlv twenty-four, was one of toe bm women in England to gain bu p pilot'jt A and J) Licences and lecor.d Hriltiant scientist PROFESSOR ANGEl. Js a result, Leonlann manage to get Tar more enjoyment nut of life than do Vfrgoaru.

But It's the personality behind the voice (hat matters. Thrse rovifaliviitq medicationi anake Ririona tha perfact baeuty Cora. does not evtm like her Iw4j% "The shortest calls of all, if be can manage It, are his vtsfis to the one who doubts and ^uegtions everything he does in trying to take care af "THE Bl R l H or hir baby u rfo grtat&t aducntuie in a wurnan'i hte.' say* Dr. The doctor must "#tve het the cumfartabtt fettinij thai she it the only penan in thr uttr/df at that moment who deeply concern* him" her and who quol M her other doctors to him as a challenge . Research Society Astral ©gi rally Le* the Lion hma given way to Virgo, the sign of I be zodiac* which is symbolised us virgin holding * shenl of wheat* OF itself, the symbology in- dicates the extreme dif- ference in the characteristics of the two types. M IL Robcrtiioa, Ch Dtem Valleys Vht, CARE OF MONEY TTOW olteu do we hear peoplo re- murk, "I really don't know where my rntmey baa gone— It Just ■' - ■ i . If these people were to get a small book And rule it into detailed receipt and expenditure eulumns, and ket-p an Bccount of even* penny, they would saon know where their monay hud gone. It was ■ spot that hud b C'Lh advantages and dls- Dd TQTlt Q[[V! "I needed the work," she said, "and I thnutfht that a bird in the hand is worth quite a few day (Iframfi "Sa I told tin* studio I wan btl/y- anrt kept my appointment wllh the photr^rftpher " But tatr wtu kind — and a producer wax anxious. screen tent Fourlcc E more followed They wanted to mate qtftya RW* Tom Ml UWH Bl M nf mmny innvln, brforc he taie txp I lir vrerii hi he- roine onr ot Vitx\ ilriiniulli 1 ei VHehrs, hrlpcd her. Ule man who la dlre.r1"Hie Ralcis Camti.'' (Miner- vised the fiimlhir. Texas, and only Inst year left the Unlreralty of California. Actually "Cflttlaln Fury" ia Just one of theme Robin Hood fnlrytale adventurea. Its hero Brian Aherx Le, ia a political] connct, ivho sjn-aia with nn Irish brogue, wears a aheepsidn jarjtut. Very few Australians realise how extenalve our literature has become, and still fewer have seen r pmcb less read, the array of Australian poetry and fiction on the shelve* of the public ltbrariea. In fact, De Witt's Antacid Powder is really the modern triple-action treatment for in- digestion and stomach troubles. Enjoy every mcall Be sure you get the genuine— De WITT'S ANTACID POWDER The w: to limp, they arrived thankfully al the ailgat ramping ground. t Mndnfn, UH fcnioc M unlyj pultpnn tuny h«» caflnd for at oddrat Mg ! On thr mnmiii* Ihr ulndin finit t lfphuncd hrr, *he had in appoint- ment with a c (pliuln- fraphrr. Ka tw ck has lasuid ordv rfl that Brenda mual nut he changed in. She will continue to study undir Tom Moore, but she will not be In- t-iij :■. College romance VANUCK reara that the ukuu] coursi." for de- veloping an actress might riwtruy lirj retreshlnif ijua UUea Brenna halln Tram Knnim.1 City. As to ttn pictures af Aufitrallan pioneer life— you can havu an In- teresting lime making your awn criticisms [ — Plaxn: showing. Lynn Barl, (Fox.1 II ERE they are ngtdn— the news- paper man mid hit beautiful aide, engaged on rounding up the Rang of racketeers i Wluu hap prim to tb* newspaper En the meantime? un- folded In the usual style, with the Lhril W Df the chase Lempered by comedy an the sidelines, the frantic, last-minute rescue Thr plot concerns the unmasking of a master criminal and ex-eon vie t. (ITn Hed Hft Us J □ EHE l£ Hollvw Dod's conception of yhijnff womnn c Qncemed— Lynn Ban 71 Ai«t™iia and Aiutrallan euimtrv — a country reporter, who storm* the gotcfi of metropo DLan Joiirnnitaiu — 'repre Bented by Preston Foster, city editor He- rtocan't want lier on tlv Aiutraliit and Auvtnlum cuuntry life In th^- IMO'a. Haiph RLeharrttjotj* Lnurence Olivier In KTand comedy- thriller. Vet the lis- teners will cheer, laugh, weep— any- thing that the speaker wills. Daine Nellie Uelba could make her Budieuce weep by singing "Home. Can be cultivated t^TKANG&LY enough, mo eil of us don't know tbc sound of our o»-« v:tires We may think we do, but We are probably urea try mis- Listen to your voice played back to ynu from a record, and mure often than not ynu w Ul be apnalh? Life's "high Hghts" VV T HY shouldn't women discuss their illnesses and opemllnns? these are the "high, light*" In their lives* They repre- sent events in which the spotlight has heen focused fully upon them. Kuttuck th_o_iis have their own brand ol humor, but they don't like jibes itxnn n Mahmand rifle-thief A deputation to the colon*! a»»««n» D*nt nn i fluim In vrtsw because he waa a highly Intelligent man of the world. can rent a tiny but clean cottagi: with attached gafftue for □ dollar or two a night * * o VO fancy Hollywood frllli for Mjiurrcn O'Hullivun and Jobn Farrnw . GUmpced new arrivat, Mlebael n&mfen Farrow, ileeplnir suimdly on Ihe hpak pnrrh, not In a sahn quilled 1 fi.i--irn i. who, bmu Rhl up In that environment, nevertheless enrtrftvora t O get quick promarion by particu- larly unpleajrant tind dl^lumeat ntcans. Story then hiruje B on Beery'a twin loyalties- t«j duty and to nun— with Romv really dramatic scenes for Beery, which h»t hntu UM with ad- m Lrable rrrttraln X. d ^Sereiy lhat high -pitched whine or gvttwral gml b not me! Al Lnough you may not be able to Inject personality into your voice, any voice can be trained ■culti- vated, can be made to express your beat quail Ufa— your reftocment. This is largely a flutter of lml la- ■i- ■■■■• fnr imlla Uon is the life nf the human voice. Life is olten so monotonous that even s minor tiperalk Hi stands out as a I anil murk. sahib requested that another Lru J— this lime composed of the biv.i trackers Id the regiment— might go out mm avenge their izi Ett L Connnued from Page 12 That patrol hod no better fortune than lis prtid Vee&wr. We knrw th at thtlr mutuftl hitcrct U mliiht develop Into romance " "I alvoora looked on Nelle a* one of the BKtft intercyttng puptly t w ^"ini Dim a Ui. National Library of Australia o mare shrinking Itaynns ! Iitn in Ihe cumnnm or (ardpn variety of t Aiin- dry basket! Wallace Scery c e Mthl-ynar-old adopted dau Rh- ter. ■naeres nothing much new in this drama of a worthy- fatluer and a bad BOn— a very bad ion indeed. 0tt Ut characters, come into thlc , i tary, notably Laratnr nay, o %"cry promlsiii K young lady who shares rmnanrr wttlt Adequate, too.

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