Dating norway marius

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Through her mother, Margrethe is a first cousin of Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustaf; she is also a second cousin of Norway’s King Harald V, whose grandfather was a prince of Denmark.At the time of Margrethe’s birth, only males were allowed to inherit the throne of Denmark; however, after it became apparent that King Frederik was unlikely to have any sons, a constitutional amendment was passed allowing women to inherit.During much of its history Norway was in a union first with Denmark (1380-1814) and then with Sweden (1814-1905).When the union with Sweden was dissolved in 1905, Norwegians chose as their own king Prince Carl of Denmark, a member of the Glücksburg family.

The Scandinavian countries are all constitutional monarchies with a king or queen whose role as head of state is mostly symbolic.Denmark’s Queen Margrethe II is the country’s first female monarch since her namesake, Margrethe I, who united the three Scandinavian countries in the Kalmar Union, died in 1412.Born in 1940, Margrethe is the eldest daughter of King Frederik IX and his wife, Queen Ingrid of Sweden.This law was amended in 1990 to allow the eldest child to inherit the throne regardless of sex, but the change was not made retroactive.In 2001, Crown Prince Haakon caused a stir by marrying Mette-Marit Tjessem Høiby, a single mother with a controversial past.

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