Dating manual for dummies

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It teaches six main principles that are easily adaptable to use in commerce and getting laid: Examples and explanations are given throughout, so it won’t take a big jump in brain power to apply them to your own life.It’s an easy read that will teach you more practical steps to convincing other people to give you what you want.The author, Napoleon Hill, analyzed the success of the American business titans of his day and then distilled their behavior into a thirteen-step framework that you can apply for your own goals.Think & Grow Rich is one of the most widely American books of all time, and it is no surprise to me as to why: the techniques simply work.Two things remain: (1) improving your confidence through fitness, and (2) getting laid.It will be impossible for you to read Arnold’s autobiography and not get the urge to lift some heavy ass weight.They are ingrained in the DNA of America, contributing to its elevation as the most economically successfully country in the world.Our more recent decline can be partially attributed to going against its ethic.

The Power Of Habit aims to rid you of bad habits such as procrastination or overeating by carefully dissecting them to identify the true reward you’re receiving.

This is the book that pushed me over the edge to quit my job and begin traveling back in 2007.

I fondly remember reading it in the coffee shop near my job on lunch breaks, dreaming of the day when I could finally hit the road and live on my own terms.

For what may be the first time in history, the average guy can afford to be careless.

Nothing he does really matters, and—what’s worse—there is a shrinking hope of any future where what he does will matter.

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