Dating in cuba

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Cuban cuisine is a splendid combination of Spanish, African and Caribbean cuisine.In Havana, a typical meal would usually consist of meat and fried food.You can expect a lot of rain if you’re planning to visit in June to October.Make sure you track the weather well ahead of time so you can make the most of your time outdoors while in Cuba.Here are few places to consider: The museum was built by Cuban architects, Felix Cabarrocas and Evelio Govantes, between the year 19.

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But, take warning – by paying for a prostitute, you might also be paying off the police and her pimp, too.This old city, established in its current location about 1523, is situated on the northern coast of Cuba and stretches mainly westward and southward from the bay, and is divided into three major harbors - Guanabacoa, Marimelena, and Atarés.Havana has a tropical, savanna climate and sees temperatures hovering around the 22 °C mark in January and February and 28 °C and higher in the mid to later months of the year.You can also find a few restaurants here that provide not just authentic Cuban food, but all other sorts of delicious international cuisines as well.Another interesting thing to note is that the club hosts international golf competitions every year.

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