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(Here’s why Anal Sex is Easier Than You Think.)Yes, the ass is definitely having a moment.

Yet many of us harbor an obsession with backsides and many a psychologist has had a field day wondering why we care so much about them.

Suffice to say, I'm in favor of a nice big back porch.

My understanding is that white dudes were generally ho-hum about the endeavor until roughly the turn of the century.

Your Tango asked eight men their thoughts on big butts. To me, it's more about the shape of the butt than the size. But just because something is 'bigger' doesn't make it better.

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I'll take natural over fake anything any day.""For me, it's all about proportion instead of size, and I feel like I'm in the minority on that.

Are these things wild approximations that can only be discovered by, you know, actually meeting the person? However, it happens in a twitch of the eye and is a characteristic that I find attractive.

Full disclosure, not only do I appreciate a big bottom, I also have one.""I would never say I like flat asses, but they're definitely more appealing than huge asses.

You're drawn to a woman's heinie for the same reason you're attracted to her breasts, hips, and a little waist: because those traits would have been indicators of fertility to your ancient ancestors, Buss says.

Man evolved to seek out women who could procreate, Buss says.

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