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You might say it was their job to take part in such Altar Diplomacy.The Arranged Marriage is not to be confused with: a Childhood Marriage Promise (whereby a prepubescent couple voluntarily pledges their own non-legally-binding, future troth); a marriage which may arise out of convenience; or a marriage that arises from some kind of cultural mistake.

"Meet people", "pen pals", "free online dating site", "real dating" - we hear these words everywhere.Nowadays, of course, incest is frowned upon and homophobia is becoming less common, so these good reasons for a purely convenient marriage shouldn't be so prevalent. Often, a marriage of convenience is a mutually beneficial agreement, with both parties profiting from the binding - it may even involve a contract - but not always.Sometimes, only one of the partners may be in it for something other than love.Most people don't really want to marry a total stranger (much less have sex with them), and if that total stranger turns out to be a complete rogue and a cad, it may be necessary for the heroes to spring into action and rescue the hapless member of their group who is being forced to walk down the aisle.(Of course, being Big Damn Heroes, they'll have to do so in the most overblown and dramatic way possible.) Sometimes, the person in the arranged marriage takes matters into their own hands and becomes a Runaway Fianc.

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