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Both groups are generally considered outsiders by ethnic Bulgarians, in contrast to the more assimilated minorities such as Jews and Armenians.

Nevertheless, since all citizens participate in the national economy and polity, a shared national bureaucratic-political culture does exist, both shaped by and shaping the cultural practices of the constituent ethnic groups. Bulgaria is located on the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe.

It is bordered on the east by the Black Sea, on the north by Romania and the Danube River, on the south by Greece and Turkey, and on the west by Macedonia and Serbia.

During the socialist period, ethnicity data were not made public, and there were efforts to assimilate Muslim minorities.

During the state socialist period, the crown (a symbol of monarchy) was replaced by a star.

After the fall of state socialism in 1989 the crown was replaced following a seven-year debate.

Gypsies speak Romany, an Indic language of the Indo-European language family.

Many Gypsies also speak Turkish, and some speak Romanian.

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