Dating borderline woman

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Those with BPD commonly mask their dependency and manipulation.An unstable sense of self is characteristic of the disorder, along with impulsiveness and demanding behavior.Said some of the most cutthroat things you've ever heard I felt hurt and I was retaliating, I am used to chaos, and things in our relationship were going too smoothly.

I may have felt a strong sense of self-hatred and may have wanted to inflict some emotional pain on myself too.Here are several behaviors I have displayed in romantic relationships and the reasoning behind them: Purposely broken a gift you gave me I did this because sometimes I get filled with rage that is hard to control.You may have hurt my feelings, and when I'm upset I get destructive.Tension accumulated over time eventually leads to an explosive conflict. Relationships can't be this smooth; there must be something wrong.Somehow harmony seems to take the passion out of the relationship and it can get a bit boring, too.

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