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As they approached the entrance to the portal, Tonraq urged them to go, stating that he would repel intruders, but noticing her father's agony, Korra refused to let him fight and asked Asami to take him back to her mother and the other injured ones at the White Lotus Compound.The two lovingly embraced before departing separate ways.

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Distraught, Korra ran back to her parents, apologizing to them for the pain she caused, and Tonraq apologized in return for holding her back.Korra took their advice the wrong way and accused her father of being narrow-minded before leaving a not long after they had arrived.However, after talking about the subject with Asami and Kya and learning of the stigma that certain parts of the world had toward same-sex couples, Korra admitted that her parents might have had a point.However, after confronting Hotah once more, she learned that Unalaq had orchestrated both her father's banishment and his imprisonment.Korra subsequently decided to enlist her friends in an attempted jailbreak, only to learn that Tonraq was being transferred to the North.

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