Dating after cancer

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) That particular date didn't materialise, but we met up in a pub a week later and he turned out to be a keeper... Over the course of a few weeks, I went on a handful of dates and met some really nice guys, including the man who is now my boyfriend.

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(sic) I'd imagine his smile would indeed be wiped from his face if a boar turned up to meet him on the first date.I explained I was bald, recovering from breast cancer and possibly infertile, with a baby-shark-bite-like scar on my left boob. When I told friends my plan, they said "You'll get loads of responses, because guys want a girl they can take care of." They said my profile would deter anyone who just wanted a cheap one-night stand, which was good.My intention was also to give potential suitors a choice.Each time she met someone new, Linda had to struggle with when and how to tell, and then how to behave in intimate situations.In the beginning, she would blurt out her history almost immediately, frightening herself and her date.

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