Dating a shy inexperienced guy

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I had a (very short, awkward) relationship with an inexperienced guy. He was very sweet a lot of the times, sometimes kind of aloof, but usually just sweet and goofy.

He was terribly selfish, unwilling to learn or listen, and also mostly unwilling to attempt to please me. Near the end of the relationship, I told him my issues and how he made me feel like my needs didn't matter and it was shameful how often I wanted intimacy, he told me, "I guess I'm just like a 40-year-old stuck in a 26-year-old's body, and you're just gonna have to get used to that." :/ So I pretty much told him I wasn't going to get used to that and that things weren't going to work out. I had to be patient and understanding, but I didn't mind showing him what I liked and what I needed, and I learned from too. But as a type A kinda lady, I was more than happy to show him the way.

So maybe I just have a thing for inexperienced guys, but I think it's fucking adorable.

I got lucky though, and he seems to be naturally gifted with kissing skills (good tongue control).

We basically started from scratch but after a few months it was great and he knew what I liked and I knew what he liked.

I feel he had probably psyched himself up more than he needed to, but him telling me really helped me be more understanding.

He was really nervous [especially before he told me he had no experience].

When he did tell me I found it quite endearing as he'd been quite forward with me.

The sex has been ok but it's hard to get him out of his shell.I have VERY recently started seeing an inexperienced, awkward kind of guy. I leaned in, hands behind my back, and fave him a peck on the lips. I quickly excused myself, but noticed him a good minute later still staring awkwardly at my door looking confused. on our second date, he went out of his way to give me a REAL, kiss-in-the-rain, ridiculously romantic kiss... How can you tell someone this when they are depressed and talk themselves up to gain more confidence? After our first date (which was AMAZING, btw...) he was dropping me off and walking me to the door. I HONESTLY felt bad, because he looked like I had violated him. Instead he said I was a bad kisser, when really he was biting my tongue, knocking my teeth and dominating the whole experience into a slobbering drowning experience. If you add his awkwardness at EVERYTHING about our dates, it makes him 100x better. :)Hmmm, well the worst part was that he didn't understand the extent to which he was inexperienced.I ended up texting him about half an hour later, apolgising if I had made him uncomfortable. He apologised for being weird (his words, not mine), and told me he was just... He wasn't willing to give up the role as 'pilot' of the relationship, so the was no reasoning with him. I can imagine now he is still crying and complaining about how no female will love him when he's such a perfect catch...

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