Dating a sagittarius female

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You stand a chance by being interesting, spontaneous, but also a bit of a mystery.Some Sagittarians are explorers, some are athletes, others are knowledge seekers -- all are travelers.Sagittarians like to be in motion so fun first dates for them are active.This gives you an idea of whether you can keep up with their fast pace.The Archer is oriented toward the color of variety.Things like travel, exotic cuisine, world art traditions and crafts, appeal to the questing Sadge.

But for some, it may just be a physical act that's pleasurable, and not signify any deepening of the relationship.Keep this in mind, since their idea of fun might be more than you can physically handle.It's good to know that upfront since it might suggest a mismatch right there.The Archer is the mutable fire sign -- the one that changes constantly.You turn them off if you're stagnant, cynical and negative.

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