Dating a gretsch guitar

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Early (sequential) serial numbers Gretsch began numbering it`s guitars sequentially in 1939, beginning with the better models.They started, sensibly enough, at 001, just writing the number inside the back.

Remember that 20 guitars will, of course, not begin with a 9.This is particularly tricky in the mid `60s, when some serial numbers may belong to more than one numbering system.One last thing to remember is that Gretsch years are similar to model years for cars.On other models such as solidbodies, it should be inside a control cavity. The label has a fairly ornate border around it, but the "Gretsch" is usually printed in a plain font.From about 1949 to 1957 watch for a white rectangular label that reads: Fred Gretsch Mfg. However, some have "Gretsch" printed as the familiar logo.

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