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His wife even had the cheek to ask for money to contribute to a fence that was on his property that he had done. Jennifer Harry's goal is to help as many people as she possibly can by offering insights into other people relationships, looking at personality, horoscopes and Tarot.She is a recovering from narcissistic abuse and will be discussing the actions of individuals, why they do what they do, or say what they say when times get tough.If they don’t have another form of narcissistic supply, then you are in for a very bumpy road ahead of you.The narcissist will try guilt tripping you into staying with them, in fact, they will probably pull out all the tricks they have at their disposal and use them on you one after another.You are in a constant battle with them if you are with them long enough you will start to believe them and you will lose who you are as a person.Whenever I watch the film Schindler’s list, (the way that Nazi Germany treated Jewish people and other people of ethnic origin just demonstrates to me that racism is a group narcissistic way of thinking).

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Helen then confides in Oscar and describes how she doesn’t know how to act to make her life easier. Aged 33, with long, blonde hair and a pretty, heart-shaped face, she has a flourishing career in finance, a hectic London social life and a textbook suitable fiancé in the shape of Jamie, a 37-year-old banker; they will marry in a Wiltshire church next year.When their future children ask how Mummy and Daddy met, you would expect Kathy to mention a Fulham dinner party, a mutual friend's wedding, or perhaps work.Why do you deserve to be happy when it has nothing to do with them?I have seen this look of pure hatred in their faces before when they encounter happiness and joy in other people.

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