Cvsweb not updating

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The Netfilter Core Team has released ulogd 2.0.0beta3.

This is another development release of ulogd2, the re-incarnation of ulogd2 that includes flow and packet accounting capabilities. The Netfilter Core Team has released conntrack-tools-0.9.10.

Honestly Im getting crazy trying to figure whats going on.

I think maybe is something on the apache or CVS configuration.

Hi all, I configured on my Ubuntu the rancid tool, everything is working properly but i cant see the repositories via web.

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cvsweb not updating-88

cvsweb not updating-76

The daemon updates includes a fix for a memory leak that can be triggered under heavy load and if you set a hashtable in user-space that is smaller than the one in the kernel.This release includes NAT IPv6 support, the new nfct_labels_get_path() interface, zones both for original and reply tuples and clang build fixes.The Netfilter Core Team has released conntrack-tools-1.2.0.Moreover, it adds initial support for DCCP and SCTP state-synchronization.The Netfilter Core Team has released conntrack-tools-0.9.12 that includes a new `-S' option for the command line tool and a generic infrastructure to allow using different protocols to replicate state-changes, currently unicast UDP and multicast are supported.

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