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Speaking at the same forum, President Putin said that "the advantage of our country is natural resources....The only question is the mechanism of control." For his part, First Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev promised more state support for Russian companies seeking to make inroads into foreign markets.He also dismissed as strange Georgia's request for the extradition of former Adjar leader Aslan Abashidze, noting that Georgia asked for Abashidze to be allowed to take refuge in Moscow after his ouster two years ago (see "RFE/RL Newsline," May 6, 2004).LFRUSSIA TO CUT BACK FOREIGNERS' ACCESS TO OIL AND GAS PROJECTSNatural Resources Minister Yury Trutnev told an economic forum in St.

At the same time, he acknowledged partial responsibility for that decline, having previously served as education minister in 1998--03.If the market increases capacity, we would be able to very quickly increase the volume of gas extraction." Critics charge that Gazprom's older fields are running short of gas and that new fields in remote locations will take much time and money to develop.Claude Mandil, who heads the International Energy Agency, said in London on May 22 that his agency is "afraid that Gazprom will not have, in the coming years, enough gas to supply even their existing customers and existing contracts." PMRUSSIA AND JAPAN SET TO BUILD PIPELINEHideo Ogawa, who heads the Japan Pipeline Development Organization, said in Tokyo that his country and Russia expect to start construction of an 850-kilometer gas pipeline in 2008 to transport gas from Sakhalin to Aomori prefecture in northern Japan, "The Wall Street Journal in Europe" reported on June 13."Russian companies lose in competition not because of low quality and high costs, but because of the absence of an effective system of support," he added.PMGAZPROM SAYS IT WILL NOT RUN SHORTGazprom Aleksandr Ananenkov said at the St.

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