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If any of the checks fail, you will need to manually verify the check that failed by clicking on the checkbox.For my installation, all checks passed with no problems. Release 2 (10.2) with RAC, Oracle Clusterware provides for the creation of a mirrored OCR file, enhancing cluster reliability.Also note that the two shared files could be stored on the OCFS2, shared RAW devices, or another vendor's clustered file system.Verifying Terminal Shell Environment Before starting the Oracle Universal Installer, you should first verify you are logged onto the server you will be running the installer from (i.e.), you will receive several warnings regarding permission while running the After receiving any of the errors described in this section, please leave the OUI up.Do not hit the OK button on the "Execute Configuration Scripts" dialog until all of the issues described in this section have been resolved.Oracle CRS stack installed and running under init(1M) Running vipca(silent) for configuring nodeapps /u01/app/crs/jdk/jre//bin/java: error while loading shared libraries: 0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory will produce similar output until the workaround described below is performed.This error occurs because these releases of the Linux kernel fix an old bug in the Linux threading that Oracle worked around using after applying the or patch sets, as these patchset will still include those settings unnecessary for OEL5 or RHEL5 or SLES10.

The OUI will copy the software packages to all nodes configured in the RAC cluster.This issue was raised with development and is fixed in the patchsets.Also note that we are explicitly unsetting " to include both public and cluster_interconnect interfaces.For the purpose of this example, I did choose to mirror the OCR file by keeping the default option of "Normal Redundancy": Specify OCR Location: Release 2 (10.2) with RAC, CSS has been modified to allow you to configure CSS with multiple voting disks.In Release 1 (10.1), you could configure only one voting disk.

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