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If we took a survey, probably more than 95% are not fully prepared. Is it the end of the world if your family doesn’t own a retreat?Of course not, the reality is that most Preppers can’t afford a separate fully operational retreat, and that’s ok.We all have ideas of how a worst-case scenario event may play out.Todd does too and he does an excellent job of filtering out the dream and focusing on the gut wrenching reality of what we’ll face.It will be a trying time for all involved, but success can be achieved if you a clear and concise strategy in place. Solar storm, nuclear EMP, or a derivatives crash; any one of these could trigger a national or worldwide socio-economic collapse on a scale nobody has ever seen, with the subsequent destruction of life, liberty and property almost unimaginable.Out of the smoke and stench of the collapse, one nasty fact remains; not living full time at a retreat will require bugging out, it’s just a matter of time.Build the coolest bug out bags ever conceived and wait for the mushroom clouds to appear. In a magnificently coordinated evacuation everyone rides off into the sunset arriving unscathed at the fully self-sustaining retreat a few days later having fought through several zombie roadblocks. You write a book about your adventure and become famous the world over. Now let’s wake up in a cold sweat when reality hits…

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In the following strategy guide our friend Todd Savage explores the former and discusses some critical considerations that must be made once you and your family come to the determination that it’s time to get out of Dodge.Communication or a complete understanding of when and where to meet will be required to keep order.If funds dictate the purchase of small HAM hand held radios for each member, then by all means do so.Too much time passes before realizing it’s not just another rolling blackout. Group members are scattered all over the city, with several key members out of town on business unable to make it back.Stress and panic reign as 2000 pounds of equipment fail to fit into an ill-conceived bug-out vehicle and trailer because there isn’t a destination with pre-positioned supplies.

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