Bro code dating friends ex

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Rule Number One: Bros Before Hoes It started with a pizza. On that particular Thursday afternoon, I was in Pizza City with half the senior class, just trying to stir up some trouble.

I'm that kid who likes to keep it interesting; keep life from getting boring, you know, to make it more bearable.

"You wish." Robert shook his head and turned towards Hannah.

I hadn't really insulted him, since he does that to me all the time, but he knew better than to argue back with me. "Don't have to." I leaned back in my seat and adjusted the Red Sox cap on my head. "My sister." Carter pushed Austin's arm off of him.

Bros do a lot of things for and with their bros: good, bad, funny, or stupid.

[Read: When a woman is crying – The gentleman’s dos and don’ts] #20 A bro shall not apply sunscreen to another bro.

#21 A bro must never reveal how many women another bro has slept with.

#3 A bro’s immediate female family members are off-limits.

This means a bro shall never lay hands on another bro’s sister or hot mother.

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