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Uninteresting because you are way too available and have too much time on your hands; you don’t have a life. You may or may not, the point is when you emit that kind of aura, your value soars in a man’s eyes. I become the “elusive” confident woman who has too much an exciting life to tend to texting (learn more about the lost art of being “hard to get” that will drive him crazy with desire for you). ” If the majority to your answers is YES, girl, you really need to read this because likelihood is you have been pushing away so many guys because you simply don’t act like a high-value woman. He wants what other men want and what he has to work for to have. Not just texting but also I’m scarce in other means of communication as well. Do you always write in long paragraphs, get too much into detail (something that has to be reserved for in-person or phone conversation) and use many abbreviations that not everyone understands? Do you often get no response or a very short one like “k? Needy, clingy and insecure ’cause you need a lot of attention and constant validation/assurance. A man wants a prize, whether or not he wants to admit it. That’s the sort of woman he perceives as high-value and worth pursuing. If he gives you an emoticon as a response for example, say a smiley, it’s time to end the convo by saying nothing back. Don’t initiate text if he hasn’t texted you in a while. When he is, it means he’s thinking about you and a guy likes a woman he can’t help thinking of. You may not be any of the above but that’s the exact impression you create with your communication style.Always in the “wait and see” mode and observe if he’s consistent. Many women are blatherers and lack of self-restraint when it comes to talking and communicating.

The truth is nobody can sustain back and forth texting around the clock for an extended period of time unless he/she has nothing else better to do but texting all day. In fact expect that at some point his amount of texting will dwindle and hopefully by then, if you haven’t screwed it up, the relationship has evolved into something more meaningful. If you haven’t been on a date or he hasn’t asked you out, why do you want to be e-maintained anyway? Bottom line is this, when you are free of anxiety and expectations and isn’t a pushy person by nature and not a text addict, shooting him a text first once in a while if you haven’t heard from him in a while and you two have established some sort of connection, it won’t do any harm.My groups aren’t moderated and it’s what sets them apart, believe it or not!Transformation happens gradually or fast (depending on where you are in your journey) because you are forced to see your own reflection in every member that stirs a strong emotional reaction in you.You’ll come home with a new more empowered perspective on love, men, relationship and life in general.I can shift you energetically like no other and usher you to the gate of a new dimension of reality.

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