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Should I say something to Jane that she might be well served by apologizing again to the wife for her inappropriate behavior? His wife reacted entirely appropriately in the moment — she called Jane out on a horrible thing.She’s continuing to react appropriately now; people being chilly to you is a reasonable consequence when you say a horrible racist thing, and Jane will need to live with that consequence.If he’s going to address it, he should address it directly with Jane.(And who knows, maybe he has.) If you say anything to anyone here, it should be to Jane to suggest that she apologize — not just to the wife, but to everyone who heard her.As she swiped, she pulled up a young man who was of Chinese descent and said, “I’d never go out with him.He’s a f****** (racial slur).”Boss’s wife instantly turned frosty and said firmly and directly, “I’m sorry, but that kind of language is completely unacceptable in my house. We don’t talk like that about people under my roof.” Jane seemed kind of taken aback and mumbled what seemed to me a half-hearted apology.

However, the policy motivation to desegregate neighborhoods is hobbled by a growing ignorance of the nation’s racial history.Boss’s wife then redirected the conversation to a different topic and we all followed suit, but she was noticeably chilly towards Jane the rest of the evening.Later on, boss’s wife said quietly to me, “It is a good thing I don’t work in the office, because Jane is not winning any points with me.” I could tell she was still steamed. Abstract Social and economic disadvantage – not only poverty, but a host of associated conditions – depresses student performance.Concentrating students with these disadvantages in racially and economically homogenous schools depresses it further.

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