Boa siwan hope for dating dating an alcoholic liar

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Slated to star in KBS’ short, two-episode rom-com , earning credibility as a judge in the singing competition.

Now, Bo A is on to the next step, tackling a project that may launch a successful career as an actress.

I think it would be best to date a less experienced guy.” On speaking about how she prepped for her role, Bo A started off by explaining that “I have been a singer for over a decade while this is my first time acting in Korea”.

Though she starred in a Hollywood dance movie titled director Lee Eun-jin admitted to hesitating for three weeks before casting the singer.

“I don’t feel that I have really dated properly yet, but I want to,” Bo A confessed.

“Honestly, I am not good at playing the dating game, so I think that dating a pick-up artist like Cha would be a bit too much.

In the series, Joo finds herself falling for Cha though she feels that Jung, a somewhat naive and faithful boyfriend, would be the safe and wise choice.

In regard to dating, Bo A herself admitted to being a bit like her heroine when it comes to matters of love.

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K-POP diva Bo A is set to put her acting prowess to the test in her first major television drama.

Gie Dae e Yeon Ae nunca se encontraram e mesmo estando em um relacionamento eles começam a se interessar um pelo outro.

Achei legal esse dorama e gostei muito da Yeon Ae interpretado pela cantora Bo A, ela tentava seguir os conselhos mais no começo ficava difícil para ela mudar que era, ela é uma mulher com atitudes nada delicadas, mas ao mesmo tempo fofa.

Discography Korean Albums The two were caught confidently dating on the early morning of June 9th.

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