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In the context of this Bollywood theme The Skype Team has in the latest update introduced 27 new Bollywood emoticons : 1.

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In April 2017 Skype add two new Skype smileys in relation to their first food-inspired bot with Chef Heston Blumenthal. Chef Heston Blumenthal is a British celebrity chef. He is the owner of The Fat Duck in Bray, Berkshire, one of four restaurants in Great Britain to have three Michelin stars. The heston skype bot brings you stories, recipes, tips and experiments, that will change the way you think about food. In late October 2015 has announced a number of new Skype smileys and emoticons in in relation to Bollywood and the Indian culture like food, gestures, holidays and daily expressions. Welcome to the complete list of all the Skype smileys codes in 2018. It is usually shown as a yellow circle, with two black dots, representing eyes and a black arc representing the mouth. Use this site as a list of all the various smileys you can use on Skype. A smiley is an English term for a little yellow icon and it’s a stylized representation of a face.

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