Badoo dating site scams

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The only reason I wouldn't use Badoo is because I live in the United States.

We have other much more popular (at least here) dating sites. From my understanding they do not have to many members located in North America. I actually think a lot of guys post pictures of hot chicks and get their kicks by leading other guys on.

"People need to stop sweating the small stuff," Flicker said.

I have joined Badoo and I like the fact that for most things I can do them for free.

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Maybe that's because nearly a quarter of the polled singles think poor grammar means someone's uneducated or unintelligent, while about the same number (27 percent) think that person is "lazy" or "just doesn't care." RELATED: IKEA: Comedian Tyler Fischer pretends to be store's couples therapist In arguably their most interesting finding, the website claims that contrary to popular belief, using a period at the end of a text message impresses singles. RELATED: 10 couples on TODAY's Plaza reveal their secrets to a strong relationship However, she added, looking into someone's education and career can be a good indicator of their intelligence level.

Ninety-three percent of those surveyed would be "happy" if they received a text message with proper punctuation at the end of each sentence, rather than seeing it as aggressive or overly formal, as one recent study found. "But if you nit-pick about things like periods and exclamation points, you'll stay single until you're 105 years old.

Additionally, Zoosk found that response rates to first messages sent with an exclamation point are 10 percent higher than ones without any punctuation or with periods.

As with all of these type of sites though I am getting some spam emails.

I am not sure why people send out these one line emails as they are obviously spam. they are pretty easy to tell when you get a message from one since they are usually short and half of them do not make sense.

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