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Bacolod has two pronounced seasons: wet and dry seasons.

The wet season starts in May and continues until January, with heavy rainfall during August and September.

The small settlement grew and emerged as an urbanized city with a population now around 500,000 and named as one of the two cleanest and greenest highly urbanized cities in the Philippines, it also recognized as the most business and child friendly city, and best in disaster risk management.

It has been appointed by the European Union as the pilot city for democratic local governance for Southeast Asia in the Philippines.

The name Bacolod The name Bacolod was derived from the Hiligaynon word, Buklod meaning stonehill, as the city was first set up on a stonehill.

It was the focal point of conflict between the Spanish and the Negrenses in 1898. Isidro de Castro, surrendered to the Filipino forces, and the signing of the Act of Capitulation was carried out at the house of Don Eusebio Luzuriaga which once stood in front of the City Hall.

It was finally held on October 19, 1938; today the first two weeks of October is celebrated as Masskara and October 19 as Charter Day celebration declared a holiday.

Bacolod was occupied by the Japanese forces on May 21, 1942 but was then liberated by the American forces on May 29, 1945.

Later on the Moros attacked early one morning and within a few hours many people had been killed, women raped and houses torn down or burnt.

The people then decided to move a little farther from the place down to the shore making the stonehill a ghost town.

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