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With the leave of that court he comes on further appeal to this Court.

The appeal is confined to one against conviction only.

He operates a motor retail business in the town and also runs a small shop and café from the same premises.

Apart from this business he owns three farms, some 20 kilometres from Port Nolloth, and another farm across the border in Namibia that is leased to a company in the Anglo American group for a rental said at the trial to be in excess of R1 million per year.

Terblanche, who at that stage held the rank of inspector, was selected as the undercover agent.

He and his wife would move to Port Nolloth on the pretext that he had retired from the police force and was now a pensioner.

In that event there would have been no admissible evidence of the transactions giving rise to the convictions and they would fall to be set aside.There he would make himself known to local people and seek to become accepted as part of the local community, a process that it was anticipated would take some nine months.Thereafter he would engage with various suspects (and possibly others he came to suspect as a result of his activities) in ways that it was thought would lead to either the purchase or sale of unpolished diamonds in contravention of the Diamonds Act.However, Terblanche seems to have taken it seriously as it was conveyed by him to his superiors in the course of the operation.[7] After this initial incident Terblanche and his wife moved into the house they had found on 7 September 2000 and settled into life in and around Port Nolloth on the basis of his cover story that he was a pensioner.It appears that the community accepted this story at face value.

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