Avatar the last airbender dating sim game 3 purposes of dating

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Play as Aang mastering all of the different elements, use different bending attacks to combat the Firenation as they send wave after wave of troops your way.

The graphics and animation in this game are particularly good for a flash game, you collect various powerups, can double jump, and can perform different attacks and combos, well worth playing!

Interesting gameply in a perspective top down view, fairly fun gameplay. Play Now Treetop Trouble – Sokka Play as everybodies wise cracking boomerang throwing Sokka in this interested flash game where you must save the city from detonation.

Hurry through the treetops to make it to the city in time to save it from destruction!

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Then try out this game Hangman with an Avatar twist, pretty interesting.

Play Now Avatar Word Search Find common Avatar words in this Avatar Themed Word search Finding great avatar words from a huge list of words should be some fun if you’re bored Find words like Sokka and Toph in this great Avatar themed wordsearch flash game.

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Timed Questions from throughout the series, re-live awesome Avatar moments!

Know of any fun Avatar: The Last Airbender Games that deserve to be on this list? Other Fun Game types: truck games By: Admin / Jordash Hey everyone, I'm the Administrator / Programmer of the site.

I love anything that's awesome, and am looking for new hobbies.

Play Now Avatar: Ashes in the Air Play as Aang and Katara extinguishing fires The firenation has set fire to many helpless villages, use Airbending and Waterbending to put them out Pretty fun puzzle game that will challenge you!

Play Now Avatar Quest Creator Create and play awesome Avatar Quests Not only can you play awesome Avatar levels in the Fire, Earth, Air, or Water Nations but you can create your own quests to challenge other players or play official Nickelodeon quests.

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