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But I soon discovered that Timothy was more than an alchemist.

He was a true Renaissance man: noted musician, artist, author, astrologer, lecturer, teacher, medicinal herbalist, and entrepreneur.

I then associate this information to the rediscovery of the ancient alchemical myth of the philosopher's stone; the stone was purported to transmute metals and incur a universal cure for human health problems. The Philosopher's Stone is thought to be a universal remedy that restores youthfulness, and good health.

My theory, based on recent scientific studies of symbiotic microbes, is that the Philosopher's Stone is made up of, or is a byproduct of, extremophile archaea bacterium.

His Sorcerer's Stone: A Beginner's Guide to Alchemy (Penguin Citadel 2004) is an entertaining introduction to practical and spiritual alchemy.

Hauck holds lectures and workshops throughout the world on the various aspects of practical, mental, and spiritual alchemy.

He resisted at first, as he considered all the work involved in such a project.

You may want to purchase a copy of her book, or her computer program, in order to chart the background stars - I first met Timothy Wilkerson at the first International Alchemy Conference in 2007. Reidel was a pioneer of American alchemy and founded the Paracelsus Research Society in Salt Lake City.His focus on sidereal influences took the work in laboratory astrology to a new level. Reidel and Swiss alchemist Manfred Junius had focused on planetary effects on the outcome of alchemical operations, and alchemists had been timing their lab work using planetary hours charts that were hundreds of years old.Timothy was very modest about the importance of his work, but I urged him to organize his research into a book.He showed how to do a basic astrology chart in relation to alchemical laboratory work.He explained how astrology not only gives us indications for the best time to start an experiment, but which lab processes will complete more successfully and efficiently, in a given time frame.

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