Are victoria justice and avan dating

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A beautiful and Gorgeous versatile American actress and also a singer and song writer who has made appearances in many shows premiere and also appeared in several Nickelodeon series. Victoria Dwan Justice was born on February 19th, 1993 in Hollywood Florida. She completed her high school at the Cleveland High School. Her parents are of English, German and Irish and Puerto Rican descent.So basically, they're both navigating Hollywood and scoring great acting gigs along the way.While it's easy to follow along with their careers, when it comes to their relationship, they're a lot more subtle.He launched and is a part of the 'Straight But Not Narrow Campaign' along with his co-star Matt Bennett, who portrays Robbie Shapiro.He and Bennett have also been roommates for a year.ABC Family is so much more than just the station that brings us Pretty Little Liars each week.

“They ve been on a break for a couple of months,” a source close to the couple confirmed to Just She debuted on the small screen by appearing in many series as a guest role.At the age of 10, Justice guest starred on the Gilmore Girls. To pursue her acting career Victoria and her family moved to Los Angeles.Her kindness made him smile, and they've made each other happy ever since.These two met so quickly that they don't even know how it happened — hence the blurry photo. But all that matters is that they're happily together now, right?

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