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Those who have served in combat are more than aware not everyone around them seeks the same interests during “off time.” The issue here is not gays or if Bush43, where evidence is preponderate, and Trump where clarification has taken a long and bumpy, careful as well, road.This might well account for a life spent ducking shirtless basketball games, military service and a visible athletic personal life.…by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor The real “ring of truth.” Let’s say you are a testosterone-charged “man’s man,” visiting Moscow with two of the best of the best of Russia’s call girl community in your hotel room. Others might call it something else, a minor “in the closet” secret for some, but a “huuge” secret for the former “Queen” of New York’s underground club scene of the 70’s and 80’s.Every drug imaginable is available and your history is exactly that, or is claimed to be, drug and sex orgies with supermodels, prostitutes, porn queens and even “not so willing” hotel maids. Christopher Steele’s “dossier” is, in fact, the only real information we have on Donald Trump’s sexual proclivities that can be verified and sourced as fact.But how does this impact policy and national security?

Lansky’s relationships reached into the Bush family and its drug relationships in South Florida. “I posted an article on August 2, 2016 about Melania Trump that was replete with false and defamatory statements about her,” the blogger, Webster Tarpley, said in the statement provided by Trump’s attorneys.Now we are faced with a man who outwardly brags of a life of rape and debauchery who hauls a bible around under his arm but lives a Talmudic existence.The real issue, however, isn’t the “hidden Jew,” but rather the “closet gay neocon.” Jews make great food, good films and can even be fun. Analysis by experts in counter-intelligence and “cover and deception” methodologies say there can be only one answer, Trump hides behind his “man’s man” front, hiding a highly insecure gay “fatboy” with impulse control issues.From there, assuming both are true, we then ask; “Why should anyone care?” Was the relationship between Trump and Cohn “more than friends” and did Trump convert to Judaism, as we are now starting to learn from source after source.

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