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button on your Sky remote control to turn it on properly.

For news on the Thomson model: Update on Thomson model: As from May/June 2014 any Sky subscribers with this model were asked to contact Sky for a replacement via a prompt on the Sky HD channels.

What should happen now, is that it'll show the "" message and then, restore itself back to full service.

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After 30 seconds, the light will change colour and you'll have to wait for roughly 20 minutes until it goes back to being red.e) Now, wait 10 minutes (don't skimp on this) or wait until the lights go out, then turn your Skybox on from the remote.You might need to try the remote a couple of times at this point.If you haven't upgraded to an XBox (there's an XBox Sky app on the console! One of the two resets will work, unless your Skybox is kaput, in which case, there's not going to be a light on the front is there?So try these out and save yourself a lot of hassle and money.

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